AMRITSAR: A newly formed Panthic Committee called upon Bhai Jasbir Singh Rode to abdicate from the position of Akal Takht Chief to pave the way for the selection of new Akal Takht Chief at the Sarbat Khalsa to be held on the Diwali day. The committee also appealed to Prof. Darshan Singh and Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal not to use the title of Akal Takht Chief with their names.

According to a report Bhai Daljeet Singh convenor of AISSF and Bhai Gurjant Singh Budh Singh Wala, the Chief of Khalistan Liberation force announced the formation of a new panthic committee comprising Bhai Wadhawa Singh of village Sandhu Chattha (representing Babbar Khalsa) Dr. Sohan Singh retired Director of Health services Punjab, Satinder Pal Singh Canada believed to be a representative of International Sikh Youth Federation, Bhai Mahal Singh Dattuwal and Bhai Jaspal Singh.

According to another report from Chowk Mehta (Amritsar) the Panthic committee which was formed by the Sarbat Khalsa Samalan on January 26, 1986 comprising Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahl, Baba Wassan Singh Jaf farwal, Bhai Dalwinder Singh and Bhai Dalbir Singh, has denounced this move and described it as a deliberate attempt to create disunity in the Panth. The committee and the Damdami Taksal headed by Baba Thakur Singh announced the reorganization of AISSF and formed a seven member committee with Dr. Gurnam Singh Buttaras Convenor. The Panthic ‘Committee and Taksal called upon Khalistan Commando force, Bhindranwale Tiger Force and the Sikh masses to support the recently reorganized AISSF.

Article extracted from this publication >> November 11, 1988