AMRITSAR, Punjab, India: An illegal detention of a youth for more than seven months has come to light. The police had repeatedly denied it but the documentary evidence proved otherwise.

According to “Indian Express ‘one Inderbir Singh alias Ragi, 22, a student of local Khalsa College, son of an advocate was kept in GT.B. Hospital, handcuffed with a regular C.R.P.F. guard posted outside his room in the hospital. He has now been finally taken away by the police. His whereabouts are being kept secret

The story begun on June 13, When Inderbir was admitted to the hospital late at night by his grandfather and mother. Inderjit is said to have been injured with a fire arm. Inderbir who is allegedly involved in the murder of Cong. (1) leader Krishan Lal Sharma, Was injured by a cross fire by his colleagues according to the F.I.R., registered by the police. His grandfather and mother located him in a hostel of local Khalsa College. Where his associate had taken him, after he sustained injuries.

Inderbir’s father told the Indian express that the police should have: formally arrested him if they were sure of his involvement in a murder case. He said that he was handcuffed for seven months much to the agony of the parents who had been regularly visiting him in the hospital. The harassed father Harkishan Singh Sagoo filed a writ petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh, with no 75/1988 on Jan. 13. The police, in reply to these charges categorically denied the story of keeping him: handcuffed in the hospital for seven months and later formally arresting him in a murder case. While the police also denied taking him away from the hospital even though record speaks other wise

The discharge slip issued by the hospital authorities categorically made it clear that Inderbir Singh was taken away by the police when their son was taken away by two sub Inspectors to police station Sadar, Amritsar.

According to Mr. Sagoo that a police Head Constable stood near Inderbir when he was being operated upon, still in handcuffs in the operation theatre of the hospital.

The harassed father further told the court his doubts about his son being alive or not. He also told the court that he was abused by the police, whenever he had gone there to know about the whereabouts and the fate of his son.

Meanwhile, the Punjab Sikh Lawyers Association has strongly condemned the highhandedness of the police. The District Bar Association, Amritsar, also passed a resolution condemning the police action in this case. The Punjab Human Rights Organization is also taking up this case with the Amnesty International.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 5, 1988