Sikh community in Australia has set up and registered with the Australian Government the “Australian Sikh Association Charitable Trust.” Under this trust, an international appeal has been launched to raise funds for the establishment of a Sikh Center in Sydney (Australia). The number of Sikhs in Australia at present is small but it is increasing steadily in view of the recently liberalized immigration policy. As most of the families have recently migrated, the financial resources available with the Australian Sikh Community are relatively modest. We, therefore, are seeking outside financial assistance to establish a Sikh Center in Sydney commensurate with our growing needs and aspirations. When completed, the Center will incorporate a Gurdwara, Langar (community kitchen and meal service), Sarai (residential accommodation), cultural hall, library and other facilities.

Recent events in the Punjab and elsewhere have made us realize that the Sikhs must think and organize as one body incorporate (Sadh Sangat) all over the five continents of the world in order to live with dignity and to perpetuate their religious and cultural values.

One of the trustees (Dr. G. S. Sidhu) of the charitable trust is currently in the U.S.A. He will be in Beaverton, Oregon until the middle of October. All the Sikhs residing in the U.S.A. and Canada are earnestly requested to support this worthy cause in a true Sikh spirit and send your donations (cash or checks) payable to the

“Australian Sikh Association Charitable Trust”

C/o Dr. G. S. Sidhu

426 Georgetown Way Beaverton, Oregon 97006 U.S.A.

Please note, any donation, however small, shall be greatly appreciated.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 9, 1985