PATIALA, Punjab, India: Mr. Amarinder Singh, leader of the UAD Legislature Party, in  a letter, has sought the intervention of Mr. J.F. Ribeiro, Director General of Police, in the case of Mr. Such a Singh Chottepur, a UAD MLA from Gurdaspur.

This letter was written by Mr. Amarinder Singh to Mr. Ribeiro on December 28. Copies of the letter were released here.

It may be added that Mr. Chottepur had given as lip to the Gurdaspur police in the Rajendra Hospital when they came to arrest him in a new case.

Mr. Amarinder Singh said Mr. Chottepur’s case was one of victimization. He demanded to know that if the Gurdaspur police had intended to bring further charges against him, why these had not been brought forth in December 1985, or during the year when he had been in jail.

He said Mr. Chottepur was loyal to the party, had totally democratic views and was committed to the integrity of the country. Mr. Amarinder Singh found it beyond his comprehension as to why Chottepur had been singled out for re arrest when every member of the UAD had been released.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 22, 1988