Patiala — MHarvinder Singh, the alleged suspect in the Longowal assassination case, died here in the Rajindera Hospital. Doctors were reportedly operating upon him to remove the bullet from his body when he died. He was accused of opening fire at Sant Longowal on the fateful day. But according to some sources, eyewitnesses discount police story and maintain that Harvinder was wounded in the exchange of fire between Longowal’s bodyguards and the actual

assailants. They say that all the assailants escaped in the resulting confusion and police arrested Harvinder Singh and another young Sikh in order to cover its failure in apprehending the real assailants. According to hospital sources, a bullet was embedded in MHarvinder’s spine and his condition never showed any real improvement. He had difficulty in walking and was never declared out of danger.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 18, 1985