London — A _ minibus found the nose section of the Air India jumbo jet that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean in June, yielding evidence that could prove a bomb caused the crash, the Daily Mail newspaper reported Friday.

Spokesmen for Air India were not available for comment on the report and the Department of Transport said it was not aware of such a discovery.

A search for the plane’s wreckage has been under way since it went down June 23 off the coast of Ireland en route from Canada to India via London. All 29 people aboard died in the crash.


The newspaper, without identifying its source for the story, said the nose section of the plane was found on the sea bed 6,000 feet underwater, more than 200 yards from the main body of the wrecked Boeing 747.

“This strengthens the theory that Flight 182 was hit by an explosion at 81,000 feet,” the tabloid said. “The nose section appears to have broken away just behind the plane’s forward door. That points to a blast in the forward luggage hold a few feet away The Daily Mail said the mini submarine Scarab, which reportedly found the nose section, was brought in by Canadian authorities assisting India in the investigation.

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