Amristar — The Akali Dal leaders, who have just been released are trying to placate the Sikh youth in order to carry them with the party.

The Talwandi faction of the Akali Dal soon after the release of Mr. Jagdev Singh Talwandi earlier this week announced that they had ‘‘owned’’ the banned AllIndia Sikh Students Federation. The

party has also invited the members of the newlyformed Khalsa Students Union to attend the meeting of the district jathedars and MLAs here on Wednesday.

A spokesman of the Khalsa Students Union said the body had been formed to fill the void

created by the banning of the AISSF last year. The union which was started by the students of the local Khalsa College last month is trying to establish its branches in other colleges in the region.

Meanwhile, the Akali Dal headed by Mr. Harchand Singh Longowal announced on Friday that a special meeting of the youth wing of the Akali Dal would be held here on Tuesday. Mr. Longowal will address the district members of the wing who have also been called for the meeting.

Incidentally, both the factions are also holding their meetings of district jathedars and MLAs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both the factions are demanding lifting of ban on the AISSF and release of their members.

The placating of the youth follows some recent developments. On many occasions, the militant elements have disturbed the public meeting called by the high priests and the Akali Dal. It all started at the World Sikh Convention on September 2 last year when some youths raised slogans against the Sikh leadership. Even whenthanksgiving function was arranged by the high priests, the ‘students forced their way on to the Akal Takht and hoisted the “Khalistan” flag on the Darshani Deori.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 29, 1985