1. Sukhmandir Singh President North America Akali Dal informed World Sikh News over the telephone about the reaction of the Dal to the agreement between Rajiv Gandhi and Harchand Singh Longowal.

“We are thoroughly dissatisfied and are more than skeptical than hopeful with the political agreement announced by the Government of India. However, since the central issues of Anandpur Sahib Resolution of Autonomy have not been squarely addressed (merely referred to Govt. appointed commissions) and further in the wake of many broken and un kept promises by the government in the past, the possibility of a well meditated foul play by the government of India cannot be ruled out. Rajiv’s government may be trying to polarize the Sikh community to weaken and subjugate it irther. If Longowal has not taken the prominent Sikh leaders, including Baba Joginder Singh, into confidence before signing the agreement it may prove so.

Without any evidence of sincerity from the govt. of India which has been a party to most barbaric and gruesome atrocities against even its own congressite Sikhs, so called acceptance of our demands is simply meaningless.

We would have believed this to be a step in the right direction if Government of India can first | prove its sincerity by allowing world free press in Punjab, immediately withdrawing the black and antidemocratic laws freeing all captives, dismantling special courts and withdrawing all the army immediately and making sure that the members of enquiry commission include a member from International Red Cross/Human rights commission.

At this critical juncture the Sikhs should stand united and be extremely watchful of divisive forces.

Without Baba Joginder Singh’s blessing, there cannot be an agreement, and consequently there is not going to be lasting peace in Punjab.

Sukmandir Singh President NAAD

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 2, 1985