Probably your mother would have been alive today, if she had answered and acted on my letter. History shows that divided India fell prey to invaders, repeatedly. At this time India is more divided than at any other time in history. Secularism is a deception. In past 5 years Hindu India has murdered more Christians, Muslims, and Sikhs than in any other 5 year period, except 1947 when partition took place. South Africa which is condemned by India and other countries has not murdered so many in past 25 years. More holy places and holy books have been desecrated and burnt than at any other time in India’s or probably in world history. Your government continues to persecute Sikhs, and imprison them for 2 year repeated terms without trial on trumped up charges while Hindu murderers, arsonists, rapists carried out their activities and are walking freely throughout India, and have voted you in power in company of other Hindus. Minorities did not vote for you, Hindus alone cannot keep India united. Sikhs never wanted India divided but Hindu India has left no choice. Government of India should compensate Christians, Muslims and Sikhs at least in the same measure as it expects from Union Carbide or this point shall be properly raised after 6 weeks. Your slogans of ‘‘Honesty’’ should not be empty words for deception. Let the international organizations observe violations of human rights in India. Government of India should apologize and compensate for desecration of holy places and books and punish murderers, arsonists, rapists, including army and other personnel like Nazi criminals or forget the word Unity. Time is running out for you or India. Full and speedy justice for each issue is necessary. Stop robbery of Punjab waters, you are not distributing iron, coal, metals, and other surplus natural resources of other states freely. Punjab has the same right to its natural resource (water) as other states. Compensate Punjab for water stolen to date. Only fools would try to pacify or dominate Sikhs by tyranny, fear of death or imprisonment trickery or corruption. Your cabinet and you do not understand the heights of fearlessness, and virility engendered in Sikhs by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Buta or Zail Singh does not represent Sikh Character. Are you amidst the Corrupt? Are you repeating India’s history?

 Truly yours,

Manmohan Singh Jawa Ph Th       

Article extracted from this publication >> March 1, 1985