We daily hear news about the arrest by police made for possession of cocaine, heroin and marijuana, but we never think about the source from where these drugs come. Cocaine is smuggled to USA mainly from Central and Caribbean countries. And Heroin? Well, it was Afghanistan before, but now it is India.

According to 1984 report by the International Narcotic control board, India is the second most populous country on earth and is located between the world’s two largest heroin producing areas and has become the largest transit point for illegal narcotics shipments to Europe and the US East Coast.

  • India is the country where Pujarees (Hindu priests) smoke heroin and take opium before they sit in front of stone gods and goddesses kept in the holiest Hindu shrines.
  • India is the country where, vendors are commonly seen selling ice cream and lollipops laced with heroin to school going children during the recess hour.
  • India is the country where college and university students in capitol city of Delhi admitted in a survey that, half of them had consumed heroin or hashish and at least 10,000 of them admitted that they were addicted to heroin.
  • Again India is the country which has been singled out as the fastest growing addict population in the world.

These are some of the alarming concerns raised by the International Narcotic control Board and were discussed at recent sitting of the Indian Parliament, when India Govt. was sharply criticized for too much leniency towards smugglers. Experts fear that if this trend goes on, then more than half of the Indian population will be addicted to narcotics by the end of this or early part of next century.

But the question is about, who is responsible for such a suicidal trend? Well, political analysts believe that it is the Indian Government who can be blamed for it. It is an admitted fact that ruling congress party recruited few known smugglers and helped them to become members of Parliament and state Legislatures. Recently assassinated Congress leader Lalit Maken MP was allegedly one of them. They had been successful in bribing the police and intelligence officials. They had also been successful in keeping the lenient narcotic laws in effect without any change, even though there had been lot of hue and cry against them (smugglers) in the country.

In return Rajiv Govt. is allegedly receiving millions of dollars from some people who are playing with the health of the entire nation. Such money is used by the Congress (1) officials to win elections, suppress its people and kill minorities. Or such officials acquire beautiful bungalows thus thrive at the nations cost.

I wonder how you would feel if somebody calls you a heroin addict only because you are an Indian.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 30, 1985