NEW DELHI, India: All activity in Punjab was totally paralyzed and life came to a standstill as the state population observed a two day Punjab Bandh (General Strike) the call for which was given by both wings of the All India Sikh Student Federation. Security forces were put on the alert and more than 200 federation workers were arrested to thwart the strike call.

Shopkeepers in all major cities kept their shutters down. Even the bazaars of Jullundur city presented a barren look. Only hospitals and banks were open, but no business was transacted there.

Buses moved in large fleets escorted by heavily armed security forces, but according to B.B.C. correspondent, Mr. Mark Tully’s report, there were hardly any passengers.

Meanwhile, a Congress (I) leader of a village near Chandigarh was gunned down by assailants.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 2, 1987