STOCKTON CA, The election for the 14 vacant seats of the 21 member management board of Pacific Coast KhaJsa Diwan Society (Gurdwara Sahib Stockton) was held on Sunday, March 6, 1988. The voting was through a secret ballot.

It is worthy of mention that earlier efforts were made for unanimously and to seort out the issue amicably, the committee preferred to adopt a democratic process to know the choice of the sangat for the management of the Shrine. The Committee further decided to enlist the services of the county officials of the city to ensure fair and free elections. This process not only satisfied members of the sangat but was highly appreciated.

Fourteen persons were declared elected out of 17 candidates who will elect the office bearers on Saturday, March 12, 1988. This was announced by S. Resham Singh Sohal, the Secretary of the Gurdwara Management Committee.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 11, 1988