NEW DELHI, India: Leaders of 10 opposition parties in Lok Sabha have given notice under rule 200 of the House to press a no confidence motion against the Speaker Balram Jakhar The motion which was handed over to Lok Sabha Secretary will come up for discussion for its admission on the floor of the House 14 days later. If 50 members of the House rise in their seats in support of this motion for admission the motion will be admitted and a date fixed for its discussion. The motion stands in the name of ten parties except the All India, Anna D.M.K. and the Muslim league. Mr. Som Nath Chatterji is the first name on the list. He will be called upon to move it in case it is admitted.

The decision to table such a motion by Opposition parties was taken on March 25. Meanwhile, considerable interest has been aroused in Parliamentary circles over a substantive motion tabled by Madhu Dandvate and Mr. Reddy of the Janata party to raise a discussion on engaging U.S. intelligence agency Fairfax group by the ministry of finance for investigating cases of Indians having huge illegal funds abroad. The motion is to be taken up. The issue of the hiring of Fairfax group has turned out to be highly controversial especially after the interrogation by the C.B.1. of the Director of Revenue Intelligence Bhure Lal. The Revenue Secretary Vinod Pande and their subsequent transfer from the Finance ministry.

Although the Finance Minister denied that V.P. Singh has written to him but there is continued speculation in the Parliamentary circles hinting the likelihood of that the Defense Minister resigning on this issue.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 3, 1987